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Lori Burke


Lori Burke has been with Tiger Maple String Band since 2003. She joined after hearing the band play at a local coffee shop where she was working. Luckily, the group was looking for a female vocalist and she just seemed to fit right it. Lori sings lead female vocals for Tiger Maple. She also plays a Gibson LG acoustic guitar from the late 1940's, a Michael Kelly mandolin, scrub board/percussion, and backup vocals. She just started fiddling in 2005. Lori has written dozens of original tunes. Her © 2004 waltz, "Tower City" won the Lake Erie Festival of the Arts song-writing competition in the summer of 2005. Lori has competed in several vocal performance competitions including Erie Idol and The Colgate Country Showdown. She won the 2005 Erie Idol competition which was sponsored by Fox66 in April. The following summer, she won first place in the Erie region of the Colgate Country Showdown. She earned herself a trip to Hershey, PA for the state finals of that competition in September of 05 which was sponsored by WXTA Country98. Lori has appeared on Dave Devines singer/songwriter series on WXCS 92.9. Some of Loris influences include: Gillian Welch, Kathleen Edwards, Amy Ray & Emily Sailors (of the Indigo Girls), Emmylou Harris, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Rayna Gellart, June Drucker, Tera Nevins, Natalie Maines, Richie Stearns, Sarah Hawker, John Denver, her band-mates, and her mother and father. Lori was born in Dover, Ohio in 1978, but has lived in Edinboro, PA since 1984.

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